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Which Anemos Sandal is Best?

Yes we know – it is not always easy to find the best fit for your feet and the shoes that look good and can be worn at all times, day and night.

Especially when the market is full of white shoes, red shoes, blue shoes, yellow shoes, and all kind of popular brands like puma, Nike, adidas, Gucci, Thomas Chan, Prada, Birkenstock, Crocs, Mary Jane, Melissa, Superga shoes and what not. And to make it even worse, there are so many choices, hiking shoes, running shoes, jogging shoes, wedding shoes, walking shoes, sports shoes, flip flops, flip flops with heel straps, sandals, heels, beach slippers and footwear, and the list can go on and on…someone might be even confused with the question ‘are sandals and flip flops the same and is there a difference between sandals and flip flops’? what brand is the most comfortable?

We hear you!! And that is why we’ve thought to answer the question in the most simple way.

Anemos Greek Sandals offer the best sandals for men, women and children. They are all manufactured and based on the techniques used to create ancient Greek sandals and these techniques continue to be used today from our family business in one of the best Greek islands, Crete. Yes the ancient Greeks wore sandals and the Greeks wear sandals still every summer on a daily basis. They are all Greek leather sandals, with their anti-slippery soles, and they are all handmade sandals. They are the best shoes for walking on the beach, they are pretty much waterproof sandals (yes you can wear them on rocky beaches and sandy beaches), the best sandals for walking long distances and they will be the most comfortable and supportive walking sandal, you will have in your closet.

We have a lot of sandal designs that would suit your personal taste and the outfits of the day you choose to wear (#OOTD). So many colors and types of sandals to choose from. All handcrafted and made with love and care. Wearing will make you feel like a dressy Greek goddess or god. They will be the best sandals for men and women for 2021 and the best choice you made for years to come.

They are the best Greek sandals that you can find. We can guarantee on that! And you do not need to say sandals in Greek to get our attention – you can just get in touch and we can arrange a visit in our atelier at a convenient time. Our little Greek sandals shop is nearby and we would be excited to see you and welcome to a brand new world – the Greek Sandals era! We have Greek Coffee and Greek food as well 😉

Beach Ancient Greek Sandals – ANEMOS!

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We are the heroines we need…

I keep thinking if choosing the word SUPERWOMAN for our discount code, valid until the 8th of March 2021, is appropriate.

You see I cannot stop wondering, why we put so much pressure to ourselves on our daily lives (?) …need to be perfect mums, perfect wives, perfect women, perfect daughters, perfect role models, perfect employees… and the moment my brain goes to those paths I get stressed, worried, and want to eat 3 chocolate cakes and drink half a bottle of a Riesling, and all the efforts for a perfect body goes down the drain. Simples and a vicious nasty cycle..

Yes – 3 cups of coconut ice-cream, because why not??
Effy has a thing for it…lol..

But what is a superwoman and how this can be actually interpreted for all of us? If you see all the superheroes out there, they are not perfect; they are far from it. They have their own insecurities and problematic lives to live and try and short out. But when there is a need they choose to be present and be there 100% offering their superpower, whatever this may be. It is not about being perfect – it is about being fully present when there is a need to it.

Well I choose not be perfect. I am loud, and fat, and I like food, and a good book, and be an ambivert, and I am peculiar, and the people around me love me for these attributes and many more. Cause whenever you ask for it, I am always there and my superpowers do shine. And yes I am a SUPERWOMAN after all – not perfect but amazingly awesome like all of you.

My ANEMOS sandals can be perfect and I am happy for that. Happy International Women’s Day to you all. Love you all for who you are! Keep Shinning.

Happy Women's Day Flower Water Colour Vector - Download Free Vectors,  Clipart Graphics & Vector Art
Be proud to be you!

Until the 8th of March 2021 – do use the code SUPERWOMAN and get a 20% OFF discount with your purchases online. A small gift from us to you.