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We are the heroines we need…

I keep thinking if choosing the word SUPERWOMAN for our discount code, valid until the 8th of March 2021, is appropriate.

You see I cannot stop wondering, why we put so much pressure to ourselves on our daily lives (?) …need to be perfect mums, perfect wives, perfect women, perfect daughters, perfect role models, perfect employees… and the moment my brain goes to those paths I get stressed, worried, and want to eat 3 chocolate cakes and drink half a bottle of a Riesling, and all the efforts for a perfect body goes down the drain. Simples and a vicious nasty cycle..

Yes – 3 cups of coconut ice-cream, because why not??
Effy has a thing for it…lol..

But what is a superwoman and how this can be actually interpreted for all of us? If you see all the superheroes out there, they are not perfect; they are far from it. They have their own insecurities and problematic lives to live and try and short out. But when there is a need they choose to be present and be there 100% offering their superpower, whatever this may be. It is not about being perfect – it is about being fully present when there is a need to it.

Well I choose not be perfect. I am loud, and fat, and I like food, and a good book, and be an ambivert, and I am peculiar, and the people around me love me for these attributes and many more. Cause whenever you ask for it, I am always there and my superpowers do shine. And yes I am a SUPERWOMAN after all – not perfect but amazingly awesome like all of you.

My ANEMOS sandals can be perfect and I am happy for that. Happy International Women’s Day to you all. Love you all for who you are! Keep Shinning.

Happy Women's Day Flower Water Colour Vector - Download Free Vectors,  Clipart Graphics & Vector Art
Be proud to be you!

Until the 8th of March 2021 – do use the code SUPERWOMAN and get a 20% OFF discount with your purchases online. A small gift from us to you.

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A series of fortunate events…

Summer 2016 NE Scotland – Maria is blissfully working and living in Scotland thinking that this green scenery will be her forever home (12+ years already counting in the Old Albion); after all, all her life was evolving and settled around the North Sea; work, family, friends, hobbies, all her allergies, a home. But little did she know as when plans are settled, Murphy is coming to unsettle them (lol). Her team in Asia is looking for a leader and yes she would consider Singapore for a few years and some further experience gains. And the offer comes in and things start to get real…In October her contract is signed, and in one month of pure chaos, she packs her life, gets married (yes it was organized within 24 days), sends all winter clothes back to Greece, closes her company profile, sells her dental practice share, and gets into a plane with her hubby and move overseas to sunny Singapore. Would that be home now and the new life? Oh no…no…no…we’ve said Murphy is always around…within 6 months the region transfers all operational teams to KL and so another move is on for her and her family.

Summer 2017 England – in a parallel universe in England Effy is packing her bags (well and all her family along with hers), for the upcoming move to KL. 9 years have passed in the UK, 9 years full of excitement and achievements. In these years, Effy experienced the joy (and sleepless nights) of motherhood twice, moved from working in the National Health System of England to a private surgery ,along with 2 nominations for best Dental team and 1 award in the same category. Everything was great! There is a saying in Greece: “When people make plans, God is laughing…” England was her forever home since 2008 when she left Greece to follow her dreams. And then her hubby got a job offer in KL…Oh dear, how many days did they spend talking about it… Would Malaysia be better? Could it be their forever home? That summer of 2017, she sold their house of 9 years, said goodbye to friends, colleagues and patients. A bittersweet end and an amazing beginning for her family at the other side of the world…

And this is where the story gets a bit more exciting. If you have lived in KL you will be familiar with the life of “a weekend in a mall”. As it is sooo soo SO! hot, the malls is the typical planned weekend excursion. Malls are nice, big and mainly cool. They have shops and so many activities to do through the different bazaars being organized. And yes this is where Maria and Effy met for the first time, by accident (planned by the universe, maybe?)…  

An acquaintance was formed and with the months passing, a friendship started growing between the girls. Maria being an entrepreneurial spirit, she has a gazillion new ideas that want to bring into Malaysia and into life, and Effy is missing her busy working life where she was able to be creative and utilize her knowledge, expertise and two hands. They both love their home country, Greece, and their new life in Malaysia and can see how a cultural bridge between the two countries and continents (Asia, Europe) can benefit the two cultures. And this is where the idea starts getting shape in the universe and in Maria’s head . Shall we create this bridge? Shall we bring quality items from Asia to Europe and from Greece to Malaysia? But seriously only qualitative products – nothing else. Products that will enhance the new owners’ life, that will be aesthetically pleasing, useful, and will last for good. She tells her story to Effy one afternoon over a yummy plate of pastitsio (google it, and ask Effy for her recipe) in early summer 2019, at Effy’s flat. 

Effy is positive – let’s do it she says! After all , she was thinking of the same thing as well.  Karma… Well, we are both in, and let’s make it happen, Maria replied (thinking OMG is this happening for real?) – what a rush of adrenaline that moment had. 

A few months passed working tirelessly to get the information right (legal, commercial, finance, accounting etc.), the correct suppliers with the same mentality as the two girls have (this only is a post of its own…), the logo, the fonts, the brand name, and a good accountant. Cause a good accountant is key, trust us!  

And like that on 16th of July 2019, a wind blew in KL and our lives changed forever. Anemos in Asia was formally created!

(On paper, cause in our heart and minds the idea was larking for a long time before.)