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We are the heroines we need…

I keep thinking if choosing the word SUPERWOMAN for our discount code, valid until the 8th of March 2021, is appropriate.

You see I cannot stop wondering, why we put so much pressure to ourselves on our daily lives (?) …need to be perfect mums, perfect wives, perfect women, perfect daughters, perfect role models, perfect employees… and the moment my brain goes to those paths I get stressed, worried, and want to eat 3 chocolate cakes and drink half a bottle of a Riesling, and all the efforts for a perfect body goes down the drain. Simples and a vicious nasty cycle..

Yes – 3 cups of coconut ice-cream, because why not??
Effy has a thing for it…lol..

But what is a superwoman and how this can be actually interpreted for all of us? If you see all the superheroes out there, they are not perfect; they are far from it. They have their own insecurities and problematic lives to live and try and short out. But when there is a need they choose to be present and be there 100% offering their superpower, whatever this may be. It is not about being perfect – it is about being fully present when there is a need to it.

Well I choose not be perfect. I am loud, and fat, and I like food, and a good book, and be an ambivert, and I am peculiar, and the people around me love me for these attributes and many more. Cause whenever you ask for it, I am always there and my superpowers do shine. And yes I am a SUPERWOMAN after all – not perfect but amazingly awesome like all of you.

My ANEMOS sandals can be perfect and I am happy for that. Happy International Women’s Day to you all. Love you all for who you are! Keep Shinning.

Happy Women's Day Flower Water Colour Vector - Download Free Vectors,  Clipart Graphics & Vector Art
Be proud to be you!

Until the 8th of March 2021 – do use the code SUPERWOMAN and get a 20% OFF discount with your purchases online. A small gift from us to you.

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Tis the season to be jolly!

What a year 2020 has been right? So much uncertainty,, stress for ourselves and our loved ones and a constant change throughout the year with rules, and more rules on almost a monthly (if not weekly) basis. We all feel exhausted but at the same time we feel that a whole year slipped through our fingertips in one breath.

But most of all 2020 taught us to appreciate and show a little bit more love to everyone around us and ourselves.

Well Christmas and the festive season is upon us, and so with Effy we’ve thought of putting some great gift ideas together for all of you that you would like to celebrate and show your appreciation to the people that have been there for you throughout the year, the ones that you did not manage to see and miss dearly, just because you want and need to spread a little bit more love… Or just spoil yourself because we do deserve it, after all.

4 x Premium Gift Sets, fully customizable for you to pick and choose your favorite Anemos products to gift away.

1 set for your Home and people that looove to spend their time in the kitchen, with a combination of herbal organic tea, organic extra virgin olive oil, cotton tea towels.

1 set for your love for South East Asia; with a combo of ceramic ginger jars, SEA themed cotton cushions, SEA vintage poster and postcards, to remind us of the place we all call home

1 set for you, Beauty, that you can combine, skin care products made of pure organic olive oil (antibacterial, antioxidant, firming, moisturizing effects for your skin), horn pendant necklace, designer earrings, and of course Anemos sandals.

1 gift set made of Anemos sandals, because after all we love good quality sandals that support us daily, and our excursions that will soon start again

And finishing this post with some more positive news: the LWAM Xmas Bazaar will take place! This weekend on the 12th of December 2020 we shall be in Publica White Box, following strict SOPs put in place by the organizers and with lots of happy faces, we shall wait to see you!

It has been a long time and we are so much looking forward to it.

Please do come by and say hi!

Do let us know which gift set is your favorite one and please do get in touch if you would like to arrange an appointment at our showroom in Desa Park City to come and view the products and customize a gift set for you!