Our Story...

The Beginning

We are Maria and Effy, and we met in Kuala Lumpur some 2 years ago. Τwo lives that unfold in similar parallel universes, giving to both different lifepaths and experiences, and ending up in getting them together and becoming close friends and partners when they’ve met in KL. We both love travelling, a good laugh, good ice cream, time spent with loved ones, new experiences, quality over quantity, the beautiful things in life, art and many more.

And we are the 2 girls behind Anemos (@anemosinasia).

Maria -through the eyes of Effy- is a mysterious human being. Full of life, full of ideas – sometimes too many ideas even for me – and strongly opinionated, a true, strong leader. I love her restless spirit and her attitude towards life, nothing is impossible and we need to do it ALL… ALL that life can give us. The word IMPOSSIBLE doesn’t mean anything to her and she will try to achieve all targets she had set in her mind. Yes, not all will be accomplished but at least she knows that no one can say she didn’t try. She never gets tired!! Oh boy, BELIEVE ME!!! She does give me a run for my money 😉

Effy -according to me, Maria- is the creature of surprise and agility. You know the phrase “it is not as it seems?” – well that is what you need to expect when you meet Effy. A complex mind, that seems ‘breezy’ but has depth and lots of love. To me Effy is the person that I can trust that I can speak freely and be myself and plan ahead; and it will be more than OK if in the middle of the execution we change our minds and do the opposite. Cause this can happen and for sure we cannot be rigid. And that makes me feel secure that we can do everything. She has the connection needed with our beloved clientele, and can easily find the items in our stock that will become of popular demand. She is not shy and always on the move. She is energetic and bad in the use of spreadsheets.. . She is my partner!

How come we became partners? and how is it working to date? We are different and we will never be the same but we respect each other’s opinion, views, mentality. And because we are different ,we complete each other in a very strange and exciting way.

This is why @ANEMOS we offer a unique combination of strong spirit and wit. We work together to bring you unique handcrafted items that we love from all over the world.

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